Photo manipulation is a great way to show one’s creativity by adding great effects to a photo. We have seen some of these been used in advertisements or just to display creativity. We have gathered a great list of really awesome portrait photo manipulations so you can learn from some of the best.

Source: Muacks from Pauline Sho

Source: Crescendo from Jesar

Source: Gaia from Anthony G

Source: I Dont Want to Wake Up from Jesar

Source: Lets Dance from BabyFace08

Source: Burst from Anthony G

Source: Girls will be Girls from Elena Sham

Source: Self Reflect from He1z

Source: Ma Babe Vol.1 from Hicky2

Source: Electrical Storm from Orfee

Source: Artwork 2007 from Tim Vanhaeren

Source: Silver from Shinybinary

Source: Icarus from Shinybinary

Source: Artwork 2007 from Tim Vanhaeren

Source: Sacrifice from Tommaso Nervegna

Source: Werewolfs Night from Wojciech Pijecki

Source: Commemorative Poster from James White

Source: No Strings Attached from He1z

Source: The New Retro from James White

Source: The Lost Identity from NKEO

Source: Slick Corea Turbo Corea from He1z

Source: Back to your Roots from Brettuk

Source: Revitalised from Elena Sham

Source: Planeador from PoisonVectors

Source: Reawakening from Mosk

Source: Hammer from PoisonVectors

Source: Soul from Anthony G

Source: FTM Poster from Brettuk

Source: VII XIII from 3njin

Source: Green Trip from 3njin

Source: This Song is for You from Yuudei

Source: C No Evil from ShadowElement

Source: Can you hear me? from Pauline Sho

Source: Sweet Mind from Yuudei

Source: StarDust from Feel1

Source: Decompose from ShadowElement

Source: The Beginning from Mosk

Source: Drag from PoisonVectors

Source: Heaven Sent Club Poster from Elena Sham

Source: A Soul from ZBush

Source: Boy and Girl from ZBush

Source: Living Water from ZBush

Source: From Dust to Damnation from Vaporization

Source: Abstract from Vaporization

Source: Dreamstate Exigency from Vaporization

Source: Heaven Sent Club Poster from Elena Sham

Source: Spirit of the Underground from GunFireGF

Source: Freestyle from GunFireGF

Source: Abstract 2007 from WireStyle