Self Portraits are great for different things including profile pictures or avatar images. Here we are bringing you the self portraits of some really great artists in the design community. Please have a look.

altered self portrait by jurithedreamer

Art Proj: Self Portrait by Karlee-bum

EC Self Portrait by eric

ID REIQ 2008 by reiq

me by chopstickmadness

me by hitomi-wind

me by johnnyrocwell

me by lintushadow

Me by yunyun-sensei

Myself Drawing Me by FinalFantasyEva

Self Portrait by Artgerm

self portrait by delroy26

Self Portrait by Zoo-chan

Self-Portrait by RohanElf

self portrait by a-neon-devil-breath

Self Portrait by MikePMitchell

Self Portrait in Watercolor by !shimbo-kun

self-portrait by brainleakage

Me by pesare

Me by cattish

Me by DavidLementeur

The Artist by Great OHARU